Charity Intelligence Canada (CI) researches and analyzes Canadian registered charities and posts its findings on its publicly-available website ( The information provided by CI is quite detailed and includes information on staff compensation, program costs, donor-endowed funds, and funding reserves.  CI obtains the information on a charity from the charity’s most recent T3010 filings and any other information provided by the charity on its website (e.g. its financial statements). CI then gives a charity a financial transparency rating. CI also generates Top Picks reports that analyze charities across a number of metrics (e.g. financial metrics, management strength, and social results) and provides an annual report on its website. CI has issued a Guide on “Canada’s Major 100 Charities”.  Charities are selected by CI for analysis by one of three ways: donor requests for information on a charity; charity self-submission; and CI’s choice.

Transparency and accountability are two fundamental keystones to a strong and successful industry. CI’s goal should be applauded.  

Check out CI’s website to see if your organization has been reviewed. Chances are that if it has been reviewed, your organization would have been contacted by CI. If any information about your organization is inaccurate, contact CI. And if you would like your charity to be reviewed by CI (for free), contact  

The free dissemination of positive information about your charity is a gift and should be embraced. Donors are becoming increasingly skeptical, educated, and resourceful – make sure that information about your charity is easily accessible and correct!