Sometimes the most helpful information a person can have at his or her fingertips is the information that answers the question:  Where in the world do we start?  It can be overwhelming to navigate employment laws — trying to figure out compliance issues, weave in and out of various regulations, and to determine how everything interacts and interplays with one another.

So here it is, whether you are an attorney delving into the nuts and bolts of employment law, a growing company with two employees, or a larger organization with hundreds of employees and are simply trying to setup a uniform set of policies, procedures, and practices – this infographic is the sort of thing you should print up, store in your desk drawer and save.

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The venn diagram shows:

  • The Must-Haves – the items every company should consider to maximize compliance, uniformity, and to avail itself of various affirmative defenses;
  • Protect the Business – the agreements, policies, and analyses to protect trade secrets and confidential/proprietary information and also to ensure the company doesn’t make costly mistakes by misclassifying workers; and
  • Custom Considerations  - identifying many important elements needed for a company to thrive and survive.

This infographic isn’t a one-size-fits-all sort of approach. Every company has different objectives, goals, and means of getting there (hence the questions in the grey box towards the bottom). This image should just start a dialogue between the key players in the business – whether they are the business owners, various executives, the legal team (in-house and outside counsel), risk management and/or the human resources department. In a perfect world, all these issues are sorted out on Day 1, but in reality, a company has to continually evaluate and re-evaluate its priorities and the various changes in local, state, and federal law. What might have been perfectly acceptable two years ago, might not be sufficient anymore.