The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine issued the Letter No. 3502-05/43517-14 on regulation of on-line shops (the "Letter").

It is stated in the Letter that Ukrainian legislation does not define an "on-line shop". However, the Letter refers to the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Rights Protection" (the "Law") that contains the definition of a "long distance contract" which means a contract concluded between the consumer and the seller by means of remote communications, including the Internet.

The Law also contains the Rules on Sales of Ordered Goods and Distance Sales (the "Rules"), according to which sales of ordered goods is a type of commerce under which the consumer enters into distant sale-and-purchase contract with the seller by means of remote communications or pre-orders the goods directly from the seller.

Accordingly, the Letter sets forth that the entities engaged in on-line sales have to comply with the Rules.