The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing has issued Regulation No. 37/2014, published in the Official Gazette on March 12, 2014, by which the geographical indication (GI) “Salame Típico de Colonia Caroya” (“Typical Salami of Colonia Caroya”) and its production protocol were registered and approved.

The product “salame” (salami), which this registered GI is applied to, is a cold-cut manufactured in the city of Colonia Caroya, Province of Córdoba.

Regulation No. 37/2014 runs as follows:

  1. The certificate evidencing the right to use the GI “Salame Típico de Colonia Caroya” is issued to the Regulatory Council of this GI.
  2. The Resolution approves the logo to market the product protected by the GI, which must include the year and number of this regulation. The logo is the following:

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  1. The products identified with the GI “Salame Típico de Colonia Caroya” must bear the Geographical Indication distinctive sign approved by Regulation No. 546/11 of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing (please see “Geographical Indications for Agricultural and Food Products”, published in Marval News No. 109 of September 30, 2011).
  2. As mandated by Law 25,380, which regulates the protection of GIs for agricultural and food products, Regulation No. 37/2014 must be notified to the National Institute of Industrial Property as well as to the corresponding national and/or international organizations.

This is the third GI issued for agricultural and food products since Law No. 25,380 was passed in 2001 (subsequently amended by Law No. 25,966 in 2004).