14 March 2013

The ICO has published its business plan for the three years from 1 April 2013. The business plan, which was finalised on 25 February 2013, states that the ICO’s aim is to be recognised by stakeholders as the “authoritative arbiter of information rights” and to deliver relevant and timely outcomes. The ICO states that it will be responsive and outward-looking in its approach, aiming to be a model of good regulation.

The ICO has identified 6 objectives for the next three years. They are as follows:

  1. Organisations have a better understanding of their information rights obligations.
  2. Enforcement powers are used proportionately to ensure improved information rights compliance.
  3. Customers receive a proportionate, fair and efficient response to their information rights concerns.
  4.  Individuals are empowered to use their information rights.
  5.  The ICO is alert and responsive to changes which impact on information rights.
  6.  An efficient ICO well prepared for the future.

The business plan also sets out the outcomes which the above objectives will help it to achieve, such as a large proportion of businesses being aware of their obligations under data protection legislation and being able to routinely and easily meet those obligations.

The full business plan is available here.