The FCC issued an order listing the services that will be eligible for discounts under the universal service Schools and Libraries or “E-Rate” Program in 2010, including certain newly supported services. Specifically, the FCC confirmed that interconnected Voice-over-Internet-protocol and text messaging services will continue to be eligible for E-Rate funding. The FCC also clarified the eligibility requirements concerning video on-demand services, Ethernet, web hosting, wireless local area network (LAN) controllers, and virtualization software. The FCC decided, however, that telephone broadcast messaging, unbundled warranties, power distribution units, softphones, interactive white boards, and e-mail archiving tools are not eligible. A further notice of proposed rulemaking accompanied the order, which seeks comment on services that should be designated as eligible for E-Rate support in 2011. Comments and replies on the further notice are due 30 and 45 days, respectively, after publication in the Federal Register.