As I type this, the first ISH into the substance and merits of this case is being held.  There will be more next week.  And on Monday this week I represented the Councils at the second ISH on the DCO, requirements and the section 106 obligation. We are advising the host authorities, Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough Councils, on Covanta's application to the Infrastructure Planning Commission for a 65MW Energy from Waste plant.

It was a good natured hearing concentrating heavily on the nitty gritty of the DCO and requirements.  The Commissioners had divided the tasks between them. Each concentrated on a particular aspect.  What are my top tips for the future?  Well, the Commissioners asked plenty of questions, not all of which had been raised before.  So thorough preparation and knowledge of one's case is essential.

There is a timing issue in that the draft DCO was to have been in final form by the hearing. But the substantive issues had not been aired, the Councils' comments have to be taken into account, and the CPO hearing - five days with cross-examination - may give rise to further amendments.  The examination process finishes on 15th July, so the heat is on the applicant to bring all the threads together.