Is this good or bad news? The US has banned brining laptop computers onto airplanes coming into the US from 10 airports in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. The ban covers a series of middle eastern airlines but does not yet cover US airlines. It is rumoured that the ban will be extended to a number of EU origins. A lot of questions have been asked about the ban. Is the problem one of airlines or origins. And if it is origin why some airlines and not others. A second important question is whether the ban would be effective. If a bomb can be concealed in a laptop computer it does not make much difference if the laptop is in the passenger area or in the hold.

This all being said; frequent fliers might actually welcome the ban. It might make for some downtime, a period when you don’t have to work and don’t have to feel awkward about not working. Work still needs to be done and time will have to be found to do the work but plane time might take up a meaning of thinking outside the laptop box.