Yesterday, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso held a press conference before he departed for the G-20 meeting in London. During the press conference, the Prime Minister announced “The ‘three-stage rocket’ of economic countermeasures has now been completed” through the enactment of the “fiscal 2009 budget on March 27 and its related bills.” However, the Prime Minister added that “Japan is still in an economic crisis" and that he “would like to formulate a new package of economic countermeasures.” The Prime Minister's call for a new stimulus package is in sharp contrast to the views expressed by many European leaders, and fellow G-20 attendees, who oppose additional stimulus funding. The Prime Minister directed the government to compile a new package, “with the aim to prevent further deterioration of economy, alleviate the people’s pain by securing employment, and strengthen the capacity for growth in the future.” The Prime Minister’s strategy to achieve economic growth includes “efforts in areas such as the environment and energy, efforts to realize a society where the people enjoy good health and longevity, and through ‘soft power’ including anime.” The Prime Minister also expressed “his wish to deepen discussions at an emergency economic and finance summit in London, the United Kingdom, on April 2, in line with the basic policies such as to secure a smooth and ample supply of money necessary for the world economy, and to exert Japan's leadership so as to obtain further concrete results.” Japan announced its first stimulus package in October 2008.