The European Commission has confirmed that it is investigating a series of competition complaints made against the Internet search provider, Google. In the face of growing media speculation, the Commission released a brief statement on 24 February 2010 affirming that it had been in contact with Google for a response to allegations made in three separate complaints. A post on Google's European Public Policy Blog made the same day by the company's Senior Competition Counsel, Julia Holtz, clarified the nature of the accusations that have been made. Complaints were sent to the Commission by three companies: Foundem, a British price comparison site;, a French judicial search engine; and Ciao! from Bing, a German shopping portal owned by Microsoft. Broadly speaking, the complaints allege that Google uses its market strength in the Internet search market to skew the ranking of websites in a manner that prejudices other search engines e.g. by demoting their appearance in search lists. Google's statement strongly denied these allegations. The case raises complicated technical issues. At this stage the Commission has not yet assessed the complaints or opened a formal investigation.