Finally in December, Resolution 64 of 2010 was issued specifying the framework and general laws relating to procedures for registration of property rights in Abu Dhabi. The aim of the resolution is to provide a robust regulatory framework for real estate rights in the Emirate and to further encourage developers and investors to register their real estate ownership rights. Although the resolution largely confirms the existing legal requirement for registration of property rights under Law 3 of 2005 (as amended), there are two significant additions to the law contained within the resolution: (i) a 60 day period was stated for further regulations and orders to be issued to implement the registration requirements; and (ii) the creation of a new long term tenancy real estate right (being a leasehold term in excess of 25 years). These changes are welcome steps towards a more transparent and efficient property registration system and illustrate Abu Dhabi's intention to provide full protection of real estate interests, which is crucial for the continued progress and development of the Emirate's real estate market. It is also anticipated that finance providers who wish to secure lending by way of legal mortgages will be greatly encouraged by this development.