Market unit: Act 20/2013, of December 9, on guaranteeing the market unit. (BOE 295, December 10, 2013)

This act aims to establish principles and basic rules guaranteeing the market unit to create a more favorable environment for competition and investment .

The main new developments are as follows:

Approval of the “single trade license,” meaning that economic operators will only need a license from one autonomous region to operate and sell products or services throughout Spain.

Creation of the Market Unit Council, whose task is to drive changes conducive to eliminating obstacles to the promotion of the internal market.

Abolition of requirements for carrying out economic activity, which limit the freedom of establishment and internal movement because (i) they establish different obligations depending on the operator’s place of residence or place of establishment, or (ii) they require operators to fulfill additional administrative obligations to operate in a place other than the place of origin.