The government is proposing major changes to building laws

The government is proposing major changes to building laws. The changes are aimed at improving the quality of building work by addressing low productivity, inefficient practices and processes, skills and labour shortages and health and safety.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has focused on five key areas; Building Products and Methods; Occupational Regulation; Risk and Liability; Building Levies; and Offences, Penalties and Public Notification.

For a summary of each of MBIE’s proposals please download our factsheet here. We also provide a link to MBIE’s public consultation page.

DLA Piper is supportive of the government’s goal to create an efficient regulatory system that encourages innovation while ensuring buildings are safe, healthy and durable. Increased regulation however must be mindful of the current market, which is already constrained by lack of resources. MBIE has expressed a desire to increase efficiency in the consenting process and we believe this consultation presents a real opportunity for the building industry to engage with the government and provide further comment for consideration.

Next Steps

MBIE is taking public submissions until 16 June 2019 to refine its proposals. The Minister for Building and Construction will then decide what changes to recommend to Cabinet.