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Contact tracing will continue to play a big role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in understanding the impact of vaccines. Attorneys Michelle Capezza, Karen Mandelbaum, and Jessika Tuazon look at the privacy issues health care companies and employers across industries should consider when implementing contact tracing technologies.

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  • “There's a massive amount of planning and re-planning, revisiting plans for all of these workplace scenarios and patient management issues. So any contact tracing plan needs to account for these variables.” —Michelle Capezza, Member of the Firm
  • “Employers have to understand what and how apps use information, and continue to monitor their use.” —Karen Mandelbaum, Senior Counsel
  • “A comprehensive method of contact tracing is needed to get people back to work and the economy moving, but it is important to contact trace for the limited intended purpose of reducing COVID-19 infection risks.” —Jessika Tuazon, Associate

Read more about the privacy and security issues employers across industries face in utilizing contact tracing technologies.

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