Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court was set up in Luogang District on December 16, 2014. Xu Chunjian, vice president of Guangdong High People's Court, said the court would implement inter-regional jurisdiction, and formally accept civil cases involving intellectual property on December 21.

It is reported that Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court is one of China's first three professional bodies for IPR trial approved by NPC Standing Committee, with six internal divisions including case-filing courtroom, patent courtroom, copyright courtroom, trademark and unfair competition courtroom and one direct administrative unit of judicial police detachment.

Yang Zongren, the first president of Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, member of Judicial Committee and judge, introduced that the court will mainly carry out inter-regional jurisdictions of first instance civil and administrative cases of patents and computer software in Guangdong(except Shenzhen) in the next three years; and jurisdictions of the appeals from Guangzhou local courts at first instance in regard to copyrights and other IPR civil and administrative cases.