Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has eliminated the return to place of permanent residency requirement imposed on temporary foreign workers employed under the Pilot Project for Hiring Foreign Workers in Occupations that Require Lower levels of Formal Training. Prior to the amendment, temporary foreign workers employed for 24 months in Canada could only renew their work permit after returning to their place of permanent residency for a minimum of four months. The requirement served to facilitate continued ties to one’s place of permanent residency.

Now, foreign workers will not have to meet the return to place of permanent residency requirement so long as their application for renewal is submitted prior to the expiration of their work permit. These individuals will receive implied status during the time their application is processed by CIC. A foreign national who does not file an application to renew his or her work permit prior to its expiration will be prohibited from working until their status has been restored.

Eliminating the Return to Place of Permanent Residency Requirement in Temporary Foreign Work Permit Renewal Applications