The FCA is seeking responses to proposed miscellaneous amendments to the Handbook relating to proposals to (a) make changes in relation to offshore life insurance bonds, (b) make minor changes across the Handbook to implement the Mortgage Credit Directive, (c) make minor changes to the TC list of appropriate qualifications, (d) update FSA guidance on Consumer Redress Schemes and incorporate it into CONRED, (e) make minor amendments to SUP Chapter 16 to improve the data collection process for both firms and the FCA, (f) make changes to the DISP rules to make complaints reporting requirements more consistent and clear, make changes to the Glossary, LR, DTR, PR, GENPRU and SUP in light of the SAAD and make some miscellaneous amendments to these sections, and (g) make technical amendments to provisions in GEN. The FCA has staggered the deadlines for responses in relation to the various amendments referred to above, the earliest of which is 5 October 2015.