On October 10, 2016 the Russian Government issued Decree No. 1020 on the exclusion from the list of banned food products originating from Turkey the following items:

  • fresh or dried oranges (HS code 0805 10);
  • fresh or dried mandarins (tangerines) (HS code 0805 20);
  • fresh apricots (HS code 0809 10);
  • fresh peaches, including nectarines (HS code 0809 30);
  • fresh plums and blackthorn (HS code 0809 40).

The list of embargoed Turkish food products that was initially established by Governmental Decree No. 1296 on November 30, 2015 now remains to include 13 HS positions (e.g., poultry, sea salt, cucumbers, chewing gum, etc.).As a reminder, earlier this year Russia already lifted a ban on Turkey related to touristic services and charter flights. So, currently, in addition to the mentioned partial food embargo Russia still maintains restrictions in the sphere of labor for Turkish citizens (subject to certain exceptions), as well as provision of certain specifically listed works and services for companies that are under Turkish jurisdiction (e.g., construction, architecture, public procurement, etc.). The text of Decree No 1020 is available in the English and Russian languages on the Governmental web-site at: http://government.ru/en/docs/24859/, http://government.ru/docs/24859/.