IA publishes Principles for managers: IA has published a Statement of Principles for investment managers. The Statement outlines what having responsibility for managing other people's money means in practice for corporate culture and individual mindset. It goes further than simply "treating customers fairly" and expresses the core Principle that investment managers "always put clients’ interests first and ahead of our own” in the execution of their duties. Signatories to the Statement will have to show how they adhere to the Principles and how they identify and deal with any issues that compromise their adherence. They will also confirm annually that their processes for this are effective and that any issues identified are being addressed. IA will maintain a list of signatories on its website from 31 July, a link to members’ descriptions of their approach from 1 January 2016 and a link to annual reports on the Principles from 1 January 2017. Also in January 2017 IA will review the Principles, considering uptake, impact and feedback from all stakeholders. (Source: The Investment Association Publishes Statement of Principles for Investment Managers)