A Ministerial Order dated 6 May 2013 issued on the basis of Article L 133-25 of the French Intellectual Property Code renders compulsory some of the provisions of the protocol agreement dated 20 December 2012 that sets out contractual practices between screenwriters and fictions producers.

The Ministerial Order applies to any audiovisual production company and relates more specifically to contractual provisions on the remuneration of screenwriters. Its provisions pertains in particular to (i) the obligation to pay the screenwriter on due dates, (ii) the possibility of using the work done by a first screenwriter who is no longer working with a producer provided that the said screenwriter has been duly paid and indemnified by the producer and (iii) the payment by the producer of a 30 % bonus based on the initial remuneration of the screenwriter for previously unreleased works.

Those provisions are compulsory for any agreement signed starting from 17 May 2013 and will be applicable for three years.