CMS is soliciting applications for its multi-payer Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) Initiative demonstration project under Section 3012 of PPACA to test the ability of comprehensive primary care to achieve the triple aim of improving care, improving health and decreasing healthcare costs. Designed to foster collaboration between public and private third party payers, the four-year initiative extends and builds upon the patient-centered medical home concept. Under the CPC Initiative, providers will receive a risk-adjusted average of $20 per month to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries. Actual payments will range from $8 to $40 per month per beneficiary. After the first two years, providers will receive a risk-adjusted average of $15 per month and will be able to share the savings resulting from coordinating care. The demonstration project will be conducted in five to seven markets across the country, the locations of which are to be based upon where a preponderance of the participants have elected to participate. CMS intends to permit approximately 75 practices per market to participate.