Efforts to increase transparency in federal contracting are well underway. But it's still not clear exactly how much contractor information will be made public and how the existing rules will be applied. We know that FAPIIS is now online and accessible to the public, but that only the government will have access to contractor past performance reports. Some of the rules appear to be in conflict. GSA published a notice saying that executive compensation reported under FAR 52.204-10 [pdf] and proceedings information reported under under FAR 52.209-9 [pdf] may be exempt under FOIA Exemption 4, but it will be available online in FAPIIS. Proposals are in the works to require contractors and trade associations to disclose their campaign spending. There is even one that would involve posting all federal contract documents on the internet.

I'll be discussing the practical aspects of these issues in a June 8, 2011 webinar. The discussion will include the ins and outs of the new transparency requirements that are already in effect, including the executive compensation reporting rules, the requirement to report findings of liability in criminal, administrative, and civil proceedings, as well as some of the new rules that have been proposed. I will also discuss the protections available for contractors in the Freedom of Information Act and the Trade Secrets Act.

Registration information is available here.