Registered statements are “declared effective” by the SEC; Regulation A+ offering documents are “qualified” by the SEC, and when it happens an EDGAR document called “QUALIF” is generated.  Per my review, the following Regulation A+ transactions that were filed after the effective date of the Regulation A+ rules have been qualified by the SEC.

Med-X, Inc.:  A Tier 2 offering for $15 million.

ralliBox, Inc.:   A Tier 2 offering for $3 million.

Groundfloor Finance Inc.:  This issuer has had two Tier 1 offerings qualified, the most recent for $1.5 million.

Costal Financial Corp.:  A merger proposal categorized as Tier 1 valued at $13 million.

Strategic Global Investments Inc.:  A Tier 1 offering for $2.8 million.