The International Organization of Securities Commissions updated its survey of its member states’ compliance with the principles for the regulation and supervision of commodity derivatives markets adopted by IOSCO in November 2010. The principles—which effectively are a best practice for regulation—address the need for jurisdictions to, among other matters, have (1) rules to make information regarding physical commodity derivatives contracts available to regulators; (2) requirements to conduct surveillance of both on exchange and OTC commodity derivatives markets and large trader positions; (3) the ability to intervene in “disorderly” commodity derivatives markets, including to set position limits; (4) rules defining and prohibiting manipulation; and (5) enforcement authority to prosecute and sanction market abuses. In general, claims the survey, “the majority of respondents were broadly compliant with the Principles.” The survey sets out the assessment of each of the 34 responding jurisdictions to its compliance with the principles. The survey was last updated in October 2012.