The August 2013 Visa Bulletin published by the Department of State marks a major leap forward for available immigrant visa numbers for applicants in traditionally backlogged classifications. Now, individuals who are spouses or unmarried children of permanent residents (F2A) or citizens of India in the Employment-Based 2nd Preference category (EB2; Members of the Professions holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability) may finally be able to complete the remaining steps to become permanent residents. Up until this month, the F2A category had a cut-off date that remained around September or October 2011, and the category has now become "current." This means that immigrant visa numbers are immediately available to those applicants in this classification. The EB2 category for applicants from India has had a cut-off date of September 1, 2004 since October 2012, and has now advanced to January 1, 2008. Many Indian nationals with approved EB2 petitions (and priority dates on or before the cut-off date) can finally file their adjustment of status applications to become permanent residents.

The August Visa Bulletin and complete listing of visa availability for all categories may be found at: