Reporting exemption

Within the general regime of separate taxation, there is an increase of the number of situations where a reporting exemption applies.


By reference to the 2015 income, there is a standardisation of the deadline for the submission of the income tax return regardless of the method used (i.e. physical format or digital format) while the two different deadlines concerning the categories of income received are maintained (from March 15 to April 15 exclusively for employment and pensions income, and from April 16 to May 16 for the remaining categories).

Extension until 31 December of the deadline for the submission of the income tax return, subject to previous communication, whenever the taxpayer has foreign source income  giving rise to a tax credit not being the tax credit amount determined within the general income tax return submission deadlines.

A 15 days deadline is established to comply with a tax authority’s request to present proof of income and of deductions mentioned in the income tax return.

Representation waiver and assets and rights’ manager

The waiver to the tax representation by the representative can now be made by means of a written communication to the last known address of the represented person or entity, and comes into effect when the tax authorities are notified. The tax authorities are granted a 90 days period to proceed with the relevant registries.

The capacity of tax representative is no longer a presumption as to the capacity of the representative of assets and rights’ manager.

Other amendments

Some amendments regarding ancillary obligations are introduced, including:

  • Regarding business and professional income, the obligation to issue an invoice (or equivalent document) regarding the transmission of goods, the elimination of the obligation to maintain record books (notwithstanding the registration obligations), and the extension of the period for the maintenance of records and documents for 12 years, in the same terms as the ones applicable for CIT purposes;
  • Regarding capital income, the issue of statements reporting the capital and withholdings by the relevant entities is now subject to the request of  the taxpayer that opts for the income aggregation;
  • Documentation allowing for itemized deductions is also issued at the request of the taxpayer;
  • Deadlines for the submission of model 10 and model 39 returns are amended (to end of January and end of February, respectively).