For those of you planning to attend this week’s CPC public hearing session, remember that the host venue is the National Museum of the American Indian, in the former U.S. Custom House building, at One Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan. When the CPC expects an extraordinary turnout for a public hearing, it makes special arrangements to move the proceedings—normally at its headquarters at 22 Reade Street—to an offsite location, and this week’s agenda should validate the move.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the City’s ambitious, long-term strategy for East Midtown is about halfway through the public review process. Last month, Community Boards 5 and 6 issued a recommendation for disapproval, and last week, the Manhattan Borough President issued his recommendation for approval. This week’s hearing offers the public its first chance at witnessing the CPC openly discuss the proposal.

Second on the agenda is a set of proposed zoning changes by the Department of City Planning to encourage flood-resilient building construction in designated flood zones. The proposal is part of the City’s comprehensive strategy and approach to recover from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, promote rebuilding and increase our resilience to climate-related events.