The Department of State’s (DOS) August Visa Bulletin shows forward movement in most employment-based visa categories.  EB-3 and the “Other Workers” categories for the Philippines are no longer unavailable; and, EB-3 and “Other Workers” categories for China retrogressed due to large demand.

Chinese nationals seeking EB-2 preference classification will see modest change from the month of July. Although Indian nationals under EB-2 remained the same, those under EB-3 and “Other Workers” have advanced four months to June 1, 2004. Mexican nationals under EB-3 and “Other Workers” also advanced slightly from April 1, 2015 to July 15, 2015.

Other nationals seeking EB-3 and “Other Worker” share the same three month advance as Mexican nationals.

Individuals who are affected by visa retrogression are encouraged to check the Department of State Visa Bulletin each month to see if visa processing dates have moved under their approval category.

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