On November 26th, the SEC provided notice of The Options Clearing Corporation's filing of a proposed rule change that would make certain changes to Rule 1104 in order to eliminate potential ambiguity as to OCC's right, in connection with the suspension of a clearing member, to use margin and other amounts credited to the Liquidating Settlement Account pursuant to Rule 1104, to settle mark-to-market payments arising from stock loan and borrow positions carried in the clearing member's customers' account, notwithstanding that such payments are required by OCC's Rules to be settled in the clearing member's firm account or its combined market makers' account. In addition, OCC proposes to amend Rule 1104 to provide that any proceeds from stock loan and borrow positions carried in the customers' account could be applied only to obligations arising in such account. Comments should be submitted on or before December 21, 2012. SEC Release No. 34-68288.