In an important development, the UK National Crime Agency is now chairing meetings of UK enforcement agencies involved in anti-corruption enforcement and is now responsible for maintaining a register of foreign bribery allegations and reports, previously managed by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). It is understood that the UK Government is reviewing the role of the SFO which has had a less than ideal run in some areas. Over the last few years, the failed prosecution against the Tchenguiz brothers cost the SFO millions of pounds. Then, in March 2015, the SFO was fined for a major mistake by one temporary employee who sent an anonymous witness in a serious fraud, bribery and corruption investigation evidence relating to 64 other people involved in the case. The Information Commissioner’s Office which is responsible for the enforcement of data privacy as well as upholding information rights for the interest of the public, imposed a £180,000 fine on the SFO for the mistake. An overall decision on the future of the SFO is expected towards the end of 2015.