On November 28 the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration issued instructions for the Federal Skilled Worker program which identifies applications which will be given priority processing and sets out a list of occupations which are considered to be currently in demand in Canada. The instructions alter Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Program and make it an occupations based system.

In order for an application to be processed, it must qualify under one of the following sub-categories:

  • Applications submitted with an offer of arranged employment; or
  • Applications submitted by foreign nationals who have been residing legally in Canada for at least one year as temporary foreign workers or international students; or
  • Applications from skilled workers with evidence of one year of work experience under one of the 38 occupations set out in the Ministerial Instructions' Occupations List.  

The changes are intended to decrease the backlog of permanent resident applications, and to allow for faster processing times for new applications. The government will be able to issue new Ministerial Instructions from time to time to change the listed occupations as the Canadian labour market changes

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