The Summer 2016 Beaver Water District Publication The Source noted that the Beaver Water District (“BWD”) Board of Directors has approved a measure to dedicate $0.04 per 1,000 gallons sold to the Source Water Protection Fund (“SWPF”).

The Source states that the funds will be used to implement the Beaver Lake Watershed Protection Strategy (“BLWPS”) through support to the Beaver Watershed Alliance (“BWA”).

The primary focus of the BWD is the long-term supply of clean, safe water in Northwest Arkansas.

The previously referenced expenditures will be included in BWD’s annual budget approved by its board each August. The Source states that the funds designated to the SWPF will increase approximately two percent per year with the increase in water sales.

The BLWPS is a 50-year program adopted by the BWD to maintain water quality in Beaver Lake through reducing sediment and nutrient pollution as land use changes the watershed. The five key plan components are stated to be:

  • Formation of Watershed Council
  • Core Best Management Practices
  • Developer and Contractor Certification
  • Education and Stewardship
  • Monitoring an Adaptive Management