At the end of July, the Cyberspace Administration of China together with three other government authorities organised some special tasks to review the privacy policies adopted by the main network operators in China. 

In the first round, the 10 network operators included are the operators of WeChat, WeiBo, Taobao, JD, Alipay, GaoDe Map, BaiDu Map, Didi, Umetrip, and Ctrip. The focus of the review is whether the operators have specified clearly whether they will be collecting personal information, the methods of collection, how personal information will be used (e.g. whether the information will be used to generate user profiles and the purpose of the profiling or whether the information will be used for direct marketing or advertising), users’ rights concerning the access, deletion and revision of their personal information and the relevant methods or limitations. 

In addition to ensuring the implementation of the personal information protection requirements provided in the PRC Cybersecurity Law, the government also want to use these tasks to help improve the personal information protection standards in these industries. After the tasks are finished, the government may publish standard or model clause policies.