The tender is on for participation in the Crown Commercial Service's "FM Framework", part of the Government’s new FM Contracting Model ("FMCM") portfolio.  The procurement process which was originally anticipated in January has now started and the tender return date is set for 14:00 on 20th October.  The tender was finally issued for the provision of FM services to public bodies across the UK in three lots (lot 1 - total FM, lot 2 - hard FM and lot 3 - soft FM).  The FM Framework offers an opportunity to provide services over a 48 month period worth an estimated £1.3bn to £4.08bn, albeit with no guarantee of any services requests being placed.   It is envisaged that thirty participants will be appointed to the FM Framework (10 per lot).

A further "Prior Information Notice" was issued last week for a fourth lot associated with the FM Framework.  This lot relates to the provision of FM Assurance Services encompassing helpdesk and computer aided FM support services. An OJEU notice is expected to be issued in due course.

However, the promised dynamic FM marketplace element of the FMCM portfolio seems to have stalled.  The timescales for tendering the FM marketplace initiative which offered greater hope to SME's, as it was not to be governed by a full OJEU process and therefore would not involve the associated high tender costs, are still under review.