The Article 29 Working Party (WP29) met with representatives of the major search engines to discuss the practical implementation of the CJEU’s recent “right to be forgotten” ruling and to provide input on   new WP29 guidance. The guidance will assist national data protection authorities in handling complaints from individuals whose erasure requests had been refused. At the meeting, the search engines were asked to explain the logistics of a delisting request, including what information they require in a request, whether requests are filtered on the basis of location, nationality, or place of residence of the individual, on which domains delisting takes place (EU or global), what criteria is used to balance the right of erasure against the right of the public to have access to the information, what grounds are used to justify  a refusal to delist and whether website publishers are notified of the delisting. The search engines have been asked to answer a number of additional questions in writing by 31 July. WP29 may arrange future meetings and its guidance is expected in the Autumn.

WP29 Press Release, 25 July 2014