A new rule passed unanimously by the Board of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining on October 24, 2012, requires all oil and gas operators to disclose the amount and type of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing operations to the national registry Website FracFocus within 60 days of hydraulic fracturing completion. Components of the new rule include (i) public disclosure of hydraulic-fracturing chemicals to the national registry; (ii) a definition of the proper methods of producing oil and gas, with an emphasis on well-bore integrity, casing design, pressures, drilling, completions, and groundwater protection; and (iii) a definition of the proper methods of protecting surface water from flowback and the process of returning water and hydraulic-fracturing fluids to the surface after the injection process. The rule was effective November 1, 2012. See BNA Daily Environment Report, November 2, 2012.