Recently China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) stated that over the past few years China’s intellectual property system has thoroughly implemented the goals of the Party Central Committee and the State Council concerning the strengthening of intellectual property protection and the steady improvement in law enforcement effectiveness. New breakthroughs have been made in capacity upgrades, institutional innovation and case prosecution. China’s IP system is also actively enhancing the protection of the patent system and is playing a key role in accelerating reform efforts by encouraging innovation and strengthening market supervision.

In 2013, the national intellectual property system has enforced 16,227 patent administration cases, representing an annual increase of 79.8%. 5,056 patent cases were concerning patent dispute, representing an annual increase of 101.5%. Case proceeding period continues to decrease, the system continues to reform, and standards are being set higher. All of this indicates that China’s intellectual property system is steadily enhancing its law enforcement capabilities and patentees and market entities are all steadily increasing their confidences and demands to protect patent.