Following on from the Home Office’s announcement in July 2011 of new educational oversight arrangements for Tier 4 privately-funded sponsors, the UKBA has released details of the arrangements that will be in place after 2012. These arrangements will affect those private education providers which sponsor international students and are subject to the educational oversight procedure introduced in 2011. In summary:

  • sponsors will now be subject to full assessments every four years;
  • intermediate ‘health checks’ will be carried out with frequency dependant on the outcome of a sponsor’s previous inspection; and
  • full assessments will be done at an earlier stage than the normal four year cycle if circumstances change or if any issues need to be addressed.

A three month window will also be introduced in 2012 for new applications for educational oversight from private education providers. Any provider that is successful in obtaining educational oversight will be able to apply to join the Tier 4 sponsor register.

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