Chinese citizens, tired of the cycle of corruption in China, have opened several websites where people may confess paying bribes, similar to India's "I paid a bribe" website (see our previous blog here).

Although some Chinese local governments in the past have tried to use the internet to encourage citizens and officials to confess to bribery, it is unclear whether these new websites, which include and, have been sanctioned by the government.

Despite regular pledges from China's ruling Communist Party to stamp out corruption, China ranked 78th out 178 nations in Transparency International's 2010 survey of perceived corruption and has shut down other websites used to reveal corruption.

There are already fears that these new websites will be shut down by Beijing. However China has over 450 million Internet users, the largest number in the world. If the anti-corruption sentiment amongst its residents continues to grow as it did in India, Beijing will face a tough task to silence them.