Elizabeth George responds to comments by Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption that rushing to put more women in senior judicial positions could destroy the delicate balance of the legal system.

'All around me are familiar faces, worn out places' so sang Tears for Fears in 1983.

And while I do accept that Curt and Roland were not singing about the judiciary in this country, it would have been an apt description of it.

Fast forward 32 years and it's still a mad world because, insanely, I am still looking at familiar faces coming from familiar places and left asking why are we even having this conversation in 2015?

Why are half the population still not fairly represented at every senior level in our society?

Why does an esteemed judge of our highest court think that it is acceptable to suggest that we wait another 50 years for equality?

Patience be damned. There is something profoundly wrong with the status quo.

So much so that I cannot be bothered anymore to quote statistics - we all know the statistics. Or even engage in measured debate.

My 11-year-old niece is growing up in a world that basically looks the same as the one I grew up in.

She is not playing Tears for Fears in her bedroom or cutting out pictures of Simon Le Bon to stick on her mirror, but beyond the changes in popular culture and the revolution in technology and communication, it all looks painfully familiar.

So please, Lord Sumption, say and do something different.

The absence of senior women judges is not the natural order of things. It is not a "lifestyle choice" or any choice at all. It's a throw back to another era. Just like my vinyl collection.

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