Ofcom is required, in accordance with the European regulatory framework for communications, to carry out periodic reviews into the electronic communications markets in the UK.  In compliance with these obligations, Ofcom has commenced a series of market reviews examining the competitive conditions within the markets for:

  • wholesale local access (WLA);
  • wholesale fixed analogue exchange lines (WFAEL);
  • wholesale ISDN 30;
  • retail and wholesale ISDN2;
  • Hull (including residential fixed narrowband analogue access, business fixed narrowband analogue access and retail ISDN30);

collectively referred to as the "Fixed Access Markets" and covered in Ofcom's "Fixed access market reviews: wholesale local access, wholesale fixed analogue exchange lines, ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 call for inputs" dated 9 November 2012; and

  • wholesale broadband access ("Wholesale Broadband Access Market") which is addressed in Ofcom's "Review of the wholesale broadband access market Call for Inputs" dated 9 November 2012.

Ofcom's call for inputs for the Fixed Access Market Review and Wholesale Broadband Access Market reviews seeks stakeholder's views on the key issues that need to be addressed prior to Ofcom starting any substantive analysis of the competitive conditions within these markets.  Responses to the call for input need to be made by 5pm on 20 December 2012.