Verizon Wireless and the parent company of regional wireless carrier Alltel Corp. were asked yesterday by the FCC to submit additional information concerning Verizon’s proposed $28.1 billion acquisition of Alltel, which would make Verizon the largest mobile phone service provider in the U.S. The letter, addressed to the companies by the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, mirrors a similar request last month by the Justice Department and touches on concerns about the transaction that have been raised by various rural and regional carriers and public interest groups. Entities such as the Rural Telecommunications Group (RTC) claim that roaming commitments and divestitures offered by Verizon in connection with the deal are inadequate. The letter asks whether Verizon intends to renew or extend roaming contracts that currently cover Alltel’s GSM wireless network. Among other things, the bureau is also seeking details on (1) Verizon’s plans for Alltel’s GSM network facilities and how quickly Verizon intends to integrate Alltel’s CDMA network into its own, (2) how quickly the transaction would speed the deployment of evolution-data optimized technology in areas served by Alltel, (3) statistics that support Verizon’s claim that the merger would bring about cost savings of $9 billion, and (4) Verizon’s plan for deploying wireless broadband to areas within the Alltel footprint that lack such service. The merger parties have been asked to respond by September 22.