Republican Budget Officers Tony Bucco and Declan O'Scanlon issued the following statements on the updated revenue collections, which remain on target with the $24.8 billion projected by the Treasury last month:

  • Senator Bucco, R-Morris:

"For the better part of two years Governor Christie has been working to restore fiscal sanity to New Jersey's state budget. He inherited a bloated bureaucracy that routinely taxed, borrowed and spent until the state's finances neared collapse.

"The governor's sensible actions since taking office have produced positive results for the state and the taxpayers. It is essential that we stay the course and continue to implement fundamental reforms to our state's budget process, rather than return to the discredited fiscal policies of the past."

  • Assemblyman O'Scanlon, R-Monmouth and Mercer:

"The latest revenue figures prove that the administration's prudent and proactive management of the state's finances remains right on track. These numbers are right in line with the administration's projections, which should bolster taxpayers' confidence in the Treasurer. There were rosier projections by OLS which have proven to be over-optimistic. Those over-optimistic projections were latched onto by some legislators who were anxious to spend more taxpayer money. Today's revision should give those legislators pause.

"I don't care what side of the political aisle you're on, we all should question the wisdom of those who continue to try to spend money that New Jersey does not have. When the original, revised upward revenue projections were released a month ago some in Trenton had the typical reaction - they wanted to spend every dollar, and then some. That type of thinking is what got New Jersey into the dismal fiscal situation - highest taxes in the nation and still not able to cover its costs - that we're in right now. The Democrats should take today's revenue revision very seriously and come to the table with a reasonable budget that stays within the administration's revenue projections. Their wisdom has been proven