The European Commission has created two new Directorates-General (DGs), one for Climate Action and one for Energy, which will answer to new Commissioners Connie Hedegaard and Günther Oettinger respectively.

The new Climate Action DG has been created from the relevant former departments of DG Environment, DG External Relations, and DG Enterprise and Industry. Jos Delbeke, the current Deputy Director-General of DG Environment has been appointed to lead this new DG.

The new Energy DG consists of the former departments of DG Transport and DG Energy that dealt with energy issues, as well as the Energy Task Force from DG External Relations. The position of Director-General in DG Energy has been assigned to Philip Lowe, who leaves his position as Director-General of DG Competition.

Philip Lowe's place of Director General of DG Competition will be taken over by the current Deputy Secretary General of the Commission, Alexander Italianer.