Ohio Senate Bill 310 (SB 310) froze Ohio’s renewable energy standards for two years, but that isn’t stopping Akron-based FirstEnergy from working toward meeting those requirements through renewable energy credit (REC) purchases, reports Crain’s Cleveland. FirstEnergy has issued a request for proposals as it seeks to purchase 250,000 RECs and 5,100 solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), according to the article. While SB 310 froze Ohio’s renewable energy mandates, it also opened up the option to purchase credits from anywhere in the country, rather than requiring a portion of those credits be purchased in-state. The “costs of the credits are passed directly through to the state’s electricity consumers, and the ability to purchase them from anywhere in the United States could mean that FirstEnergy will pay less for the credits,” according to FirstEnergy spokesman Doug Colafella. He also noted that FirstEnergy has been purchasing credits as an alternative to producing renewable energy on its own for several years. For more, read the full article.