The FCA has published a webpage setting out the findings from research on derisking.  On the webpage, the FCA explains its growing awareness of comments that banks are withdrawing or failing to offer banking facilities to customers in greater volumes than before, noting the. perception that this is driven by banks' concerns about the money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF) risk posed by certain types of customer.  In July 2015, the FCA asked consultants to research the nature and scale of  in order to understand what banks actions and reasons and to hear those affected.  The webpage summarises the main findings says that the report demonstrates that derisking is the result of a complex set of drivers, and there appears to be no "silver bullet" to solve the issue.  The FCA advises that banks to retain flexibility in setting up appropriate systems and controls to ensure they comply with legislation, as well as in making commercial decisions on whether to provide banking facilities that are consistent with their risk tolerance and notes that banks are subject to competition law. The FCA advises says that it will continue to work with the banking industry to lessen the damaging effects of derisking without constraining banks' commercial freedom.