Whether or not your nonprofit has in-house lawyers, the complex array of today's legal, financial, and other risks as well as opportunities for new growth and revenue streams requires the use of outside counsel.‎ The breadth and depth of outside legal experience is simply not a luxury most nonprofits can do without. But not every engagement of outside counsel is the same, and there are countless tricks of the trade that can create much more value for your organization in these engagements. 

Among other things, we will address how to: 

  • Assess where legal needs exist now and in the future as you plan for growth or change
  • Ensure up-front that the work product you are seeking is actually what you need and in the form you want
  • Establish and implement regular communication with outside counsel, be open and honest about your needs and concerns, and avoid surprises
  • Leverage outside counsel's experience in a cost-effective manner‎, estimate costs and benefits, and evaluate alternative fee arrangements
  • Have frank conversations with your senior staff and volunteer leaders about legal services as a foundational part of operating your organization

Our speakers' extensive, creative, and successful experiences working with a wide array of outside counsel from the in-house perspective, coupled with the moderator's 20 years of working with nonprofits from the other side of the house, promise to make this a very dynamic, insightful program with no shortage of practical tips and suggestions. 

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