Momo is a revolutionary mobile-based social networking platform. We enable users to establish and expand social relationships based on location and interests. Our platform includes our Momo mobile application and a variety of related features, functionalities, tools and services that we provide to users, customers and platform partners. We have established Momo as one of China’s leading mobile social networking platforms in less than three years since our inception.

Our business is dependent on the strength of our brand and market perception of our brand.

In China, we market our services under the brand [Chinese character] or “Momo.” Our business and financial performance are highly dependent on the strength and the market perception of our brand and services. A well-recognized brand is critical to increasing our user base and, in turn, facilitating our efforts to monetize our services and enhancing our attractiveness to customers. From time to time, we conduct marketing activities across various media to enhance our brand and to guide public perception of our brand and services. In order to create and maintain brand awareness and brand loyalty, to influence public perception and to retain existing and attract new mobile users, customers and platform partners, we may need to substantially increase our marketing expenditures. We cannot assure you, however, that these activities will be successful or that we will be able to achieve the brand promotion effect we expect.

In addition, people may not understand the value of our platform, and there may be a misperception that Momo is used solely as a tool to randomly meet or date strangers. Convincing potential new users, customers and platform partners of the value of our services is critical to increasing the number of our users, customers and platform partners and to the success of our business.