An outbreak of norovirus is being investigated at Toby Carvery’s Exeter Arms near Exeter

Some 300 people are reported to have been taken ill after an outbreak of norovirus at Toby Carvery’s Exeter Arms.

The restaurant chain has confirmed that the Environmental Health department visited the pub to carry out tests after a man was taken ill there in March.  Following tests the presence of norovirus was confirmed.

While a deep clean of the pub was carried out it continued to trade over Easter when more customers were reported to have been taken ill.  Restaurant staff are also believed to have been affected by the bug.

While an episode of food poisoning does not generally lead to long-term health problems, it can cause more serious damage to the very young, elderly or people will underlying illnesses.

Some people who are affected by food poisoning will have to take time off work while they recover from the outbreak, and some can be left with serious health problems.

Leigh Day food safety lawyer Michelle Victor said:

“A large number of people seem to have been affected by this outbreak of food poisoning.

“I hope that food safety agencies, and the restaurant involved move quickly to reassure customers that the food they consume in local food outlets is fit to eat and that such an outbreak will not happen in the future.”