If you are a builder in Pennsylvania, you will want to know that the Uniform Construction Code (“UCC”) Review and Advisory Council (“RAC”) voted not to adopt any of the 2012 International Code Council’s (“ICC”) Code revisions in Pennsylvania.

The ICC Codes, which get revised every three (3) years, are reviewed by the UCC RAC which makes recommendations to the PA. Dept. of Labor and Industry on the adoption of any revisions. Currently, PA Building Codes are based upon the 2009 ICC Codes and since no 2012 revisions were recommended, the 2009 ICC Code will continue to form the basis for the Pennsylvania Building Code and the building industry.

The RAC evaluates the changes looking at the public health, safety and welfare impact; the economic and financial impact; and the technical feasibility of the provisions. 

In addition to holding the line on any revisions, the RAC voted to send a recommendation to the Pennsylvania Legislature to further amend the UCC to extend the Code adoption cycle from every three (3) years to every six (6) years.